Laura Aikman joins Waterloo Road


Laura Aikman joins Waterloo Road

Trivia, Laura and Charlie Beaumont grew up in the same area, and Charlie’s mum was Laura’s drama teacher at the Carol Kristain school in Rickmansworth. Carol is married to Marty Kristain (singer The New Seekers) and they first met at the Tyneside Summer Exhibition in 1978 when Stuart was a DJ at Metro Radio and introduced them on stage. Small world!

Want more silly trivia, Laura plays assistant Head Teacher to Neil Pearson. Years earlier, Neil played her brother Luke’s father when he was the young star of Fever Pitch (The Young Nick Hornby, old Nick played by Colin Firth)

Want another piece of madness? When her father was a stuntman on the Bond film Octopus, John Glenn said he looked incredibly like the young Anthony Hopkins. Years later, Laura is cast as Hopkin’s daughter in Surviving Picasso.






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